"OMG variations" solo guitar music.

350,00 kr

12 guitar sonatas / guitar tabulature + sheetmusic + video

I wrote this guitar music to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play! I was - like many guitarists - trapped in a mindless routine and could not develop new ideas. So I decided to spend two years researching, composing and mapping all my theoretic ideas, techniques & inspirations in such a way that each composition represents a study, a vehicle to explore new sonic territory. "WayToFly OnMyGuitar" (WTF variations + OMG variations) is my complete study of Intervals, harmony and rhythm. In a way its also a portrait of my career, a musical journey through 4 decades and most continents. Both WTF + OMG variations are now avaible in the shop.

Only available digital = for download = Mp4 file  + PDF file ( sheetmusic & guitar tabulature)-  Please notice that the price is in Danish KR = €47     

This variation is about working melodic with septim intervals. Spanish vibes with a touch of heavy metal