"WTF variations" solo guitar music

350,00 kr

12 guitar sonatas / guitar tabulature + sheetmusic + Audio

I wrote these guitar compositions to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new to play! "Way To Fly variations” contains many different music styles, expressions and guitar techniques. Many guitarist get trapped in a routine and can not develop new ideas. Youtube provide a lot of stuff but its often fragmented and not really "music". So I decided to spend two years researching, composing, mapping all my theoretic ideas and inspiration. This means that every single composition is a study, uncovering new land. "WayToFly OnMyGuitar" (WTF variations + OMG variations) is my complete study of intervals, harmony and rhythm. Any guitarist that plays the variations will struggle in the process - that is the whole idea - but slowly improve into mastery

Only available digital = for download = Mp4 file  + PDF file ( sheetmusic & guitar tabulature) - Please notice that the price is in Danish KR ( €47 )     

Inspiration from jazz ballads & classical music

4ths harmony, melody and a funky groove in 4/4