"WTF variations" 12 guitar sonatas / Guitar tabulature + sheetmusic + album

350,00 kr

This project is all about improving my playing skills on guitar. Writing material for solo guitar that I can play for a long time. Playing solo concerts is the ultimate task so I decided to challenge myself writing a complete repertoire! 12 compositions on "WTF variations"and 12 compositions on "OMG variations” (release in 2020)- almost two hours of solo guitar!!! Every single variation must stand strong alone but also fit in and be a part of the whole complete study of harmony, rhythm and melody. Its my dream project because I also release WTF + OMG variations as sheet music + guitar tabulature: so anybody can play this music note-by-note and know exactly where to place their fingers on the fretboard. Only avaible digital = for download = WAV file ("WTF variations" 2019 H.A solo album) + PDF file ( sheetmusic & guitar tabulature)

Here are video with some of the variations :

Noodling with a funky detail from WTF variation nr 9