"Way To Fly" 12 solo guitar sonatas

350,00 kr

The ambition has been to strech "what I know" to new unknown territory - with this material - educating myself. Some of the variations are therefore "spicy" and experimental but once you get used to their flavour you might appreciate the nature of these 12 compositions for solo guitar. Studies of 3rd, 4th & 5th based harmony, serial compositions and sitar technique. "Way To Fly variations" is 55 minutes of music inspired by a lot of different styles: indian music, baroque, metal, blues, jazz, classical and folk. And by releasing this music as my new album  + guitar TAB + sheetmusic I am able to share this inspiration with any guitarist so its possibility to reproduce my music note by note. Only avaible digital = for download = wav files (new CD) + PDF files (Sheetmusic & Tabulatur)

Noodling with a funky detail from WTF variation nr 9