"WTF variations" 12 guitar sonatas / Guitar tabulature + sheetmusic + album

350,00 kr

I wrote these compositions for guitar to educate myself and break all habits in search of something new  - something to school me and challenge my technique  "Way To Fly variations” is now available here. "On My Guitar variations” will be released summer - 2020 - containing 12 more compositions.

 Every single variation fit in my complete study of harmony, rhythm and melody. (+ pick technique) And now you can play this music note-by-note and know exactly where to place your fingers on the fretboard.

Only avaible digital = for download = WAV file ("WTF variations" 2019 H.A solo album) + PDF file ( sheetmusic & guitar tabulature)

Variation 1 is all about fifths arpeggios containing some exotic dark colours


Variation 3 is inspired by Indian music 

 Variation 5 is blending minor and major modes + some chromatic lines 

Variation 9 is a study in 4th based chords and melody with a FUNKY groove

Variation 10  A "Chromatic Fantasy" inspired by Frank Zappas universe.

Variation12  is a slow ballad with lots of space and nice open chords 

Both variation 7 + 6 are inspired by J.S.Bachs wonderful violin Partitas