"WayToFly OnMyGuitar"

The complete work for solo guitar. Containing 24 compositions. Guitar tabulature / sheetmusic. Video and audio

Konnakol BUNDLE

Many costumers have purchased my konnakol tutorials one by one. Here is a discount offer if you are ALL INN on KONNAKOL

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WTF + OMG variations / a new standard for melodic guitar music

Its christmas time again! And due to the Covid-19 pandemy, we will all spend a lot of time indoor the next couple of months. So, why not invest some of that time in updating your guitar skills? or give a giftcard to one of your guitar friends? According to me too many guitarists try to learn musi...

WTF variations (2019) and OMG variations (2020)

24 solo compositions for guitar ( 2 hours of music ) that will challenge any guitarist on this planet. Watch me play some of this music LIVE on FB or youtube. The sheetmusic + guitar tabulature is avaible in webshop.  Many positive responses / thanx :-)

OMG variations & WTF variations

05/02/2020 recently purchased the the OMG and WTF variations, and it’s been awe inspiring! This work is so well crafted and performed.  (OMG) Includes, upfront in person video performances that following concise transcriptions.  Major Bonus:  Improve your playing with great music, not just boring...