"WTF variations" & "OMG variations" - solo guitar on a whole new level - CDs / sheetmusic & guitar tabulature

This project is all about improving my technique and playing skills on guitar.          Composing solo guitar music that I can play and study for a long time!  "Way To Fly variations” is already released and available here in my webshop.                     "On My Guitar variations” will be released next summer - 2020. Playing solo concerts is the ultimate task so I decided to challenge myself writing a complete repertoire! 12 compositions on "WTF variations" and 12 compositions on "OMG var...

WayToFly variations. More than 50 have purchased Audio+tabulature+sheetmusic

The new release of WTF variations - 12 compositions for solo guitar is selling good. And I get overwelmingly great feedback from costumers (thanx a lot)  PAUL. C / AUSTRALIA: "I love this music and the tabulatur makes it so easy to understand, there is nothing like WTF variations - great job Henrik" DAVID. W / USA : "Mindblowing and beautifull, this is truly outstanding guitar music" PETER.L / UK : "I will study this music for many years Henrik and look foreward to the release of OMG variatio...

WTF variations - one hour of solo music

Its a dream project to release a full album of solo guitar music and in the same time publish it as sheet music + guitar TAB her in my webshop. I am very happy with this production and I think it will stand out on the international guitar scene today. Its 12 compositions exploring advanced melodies, rhythms & harmonies. A challenge to any guitar player - and a gift for any music lover.  

WTF variations - new music for guitar

Comming up 2019 - Sheetmusic + Tab  "WTF-variations" sologuitar music

review from Miki Obradovic‎ 26/03/2019

I got the two guitar video lessons and the first Konnakol lesson. It has very quickly transformed my playing. I am surprised how applicable Konnakol is. I am impressed and grateful. Examples of the transformation: I never was aware of what setting accents can do. Before Konnakol I would always play a THA THA THA THA .. more or less, now I learned to play THA ke THA ke. or TA ki ta THA ki ta. or THA ke dhi me THA ke dhi me. Second example. I never understood triplets before and they are a rev...


"Henriks Approach to Konnakol combines working on the basics of rhythm and at the same time showing the wide possibilities of their creative use. Both things are well documented in his books and his videos on YouTube. But there is no substitute for a personal feedback on your weak spots and for specific advice on how you can work on them. At the same time Henrik motivates you to use the material freely for your own expression. Finally it is about the musicians way to humanity and to freedom w...

Costumer review from Moscow / books on KONNAKOL

Dear Henrik! Recently I bought your guide to Konnakol.I want to thank you and say that I am so excited reading this book!Since 2014 I have gathered a collection of documents and articles about Solkattu and Konnakol, but they are quite scrappy. Now I have a system! This fact ispired me to make an effort and to start studying.Thank you once again.With warm greetings from Moscow,Pavel Zaitsev.

Costumer Review

Purchased Learn Konnakol and Shortcut To Nirvana This Is the best material about konnakol I've ever seen!!! Ksom Boss

Costumer review from Mark Hrabovsky

Looking for music inspiration? Maybe you need to look into Aarhus - Denmark?! home of my favorite (discovered from Youtube) musician & inspiration presently and for the past 7 years ... Music lovers of music/world-music ... please do yourselves a favour and buy some of Henrik s' recordings: "Indian Heartbeat," "Free" / His teachings of South Indian Konnakol rhythm methods: Beginning & Advanced Shortcut To Nirvana  The 2 - One-Hour - Guitar Lessons & Musicianship Videos: I personal...

I am happy to launch my own personal webshop today.

I have been in showbiz for more than 30 years and this is a major turningpoint for me. From this day I have full control over my publications and that is such a great feeling. Hopefully that also means that I will launch new products more often and develope these f.ex in a dialog with my costumers. Music is all about relations to me - and this could be a new exiting cyber concept - so let me hear from you :)