"The Shape of Sound" 24 solo guitar compositions

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 "Super inspiring! He’s so adventurous and innovative. His music is just plain delicious to my ear. The wide intervallic stuff reminds me of Joe Diorio, he was such an huge influence to me. I bet he would have loved this music- Killer stuff! " JENNIFER BATTON ( a.o guitarist with Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson) 

This download contains 24 solo guitar compositions  And it's basically an idea bank for many years to come. It's 24 studies! 2 hours of guitar music 

You download: sheetmusic, guitar tabulature + the double album 2022 "The Shape of Sound" containing my performance of the 24 variations.

Only available digital = for download = WAW files (music)  + PDF files ( sheetmusic & guitar tabulature)-  Please notice that the price is in Danish KR 350 = €47

"OMG variation 7"/  Melodic storytelling in D major inspired by Pat Metheny

"WTF variations 3" Indian KONNAKOL rhythms and sitar technique"OMG variation 4"   Melodic gymnastics with 7ths intervals (from the album)

Here is "WTF variation 10" with dance performance