"Guitar Lesson One"

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"Guitar Lesson One & Two" is basically my guide to the essential knowledge and practical skills there could transform your guitar playing as an improvising guitarist! 

The first lesson focuses on introducing you to my basic scales along with the harmonies that can be generated from them. I'll guide you through the chords, the scales and all the various intervals, applied directly to the fretboard and supplemented with convenient graphic visuals too. Most players know their basics right?. however, according to me,  there are almost always some blind spots! 

The download contain a PDF file filled with graphic representations of the fretboard, perfect for reference and practice, illustrating precisely where to place your fingers.

Priced at just under 47€, this package offers an affordable, yet high-quality alternative to traditional lessons. Delve deep into the realm of chord structures, scales and harmonies, and emerge a more accomplished, versatile and confident guitar player.

Note: This product comes in digital format only: as MPEG video files and PDF documents. Please notice that price is in Danish KR)