"Guitar Lesson Two"

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Guitar Lesson Two is a deep dive into the pulse and rhythm of music. It provides you with a crystal-clear understanding of my fundamental rhythm structures and reveals my  approach to adopting these rhythms on the guitar. With inspiration drawn from a.o. Konnakol and Indian rhythms, the lesson broadens from simple beats to more complex rhythmic patterns. 

Guitar Lesson TWO also explores how I stretch and alter basic harmony using the scales from Lesson One. From playing inside to completely outside the chord structure! To top it off, the lesson concludes with a challenging technical guitar etude to test your alternate picking skills. 

With the video, you receive a comprehensive PDF file that includes sheet music and in-depth commentary, guiding you through each step of the video instruction. This digital package consists of MPEG video files and PDF documents.

Please note that the price is in Danish KR, which converts to approximately €47.