"Guitar Lesson Two"

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Guitar Lesson one + two represents my compressed version of "All you need to know about scales, rhythm, harmony and my guitar method".  I have teached guitar students for 3 decades and to my experience, most of them have never learned the basic stuff (causing a lot of confusion)  The two guitar lessons combined (one hour each) will do just that!

Guitar Lesson Two - Is about rhythm. How to study rhythm : gett a clear idea about what the basics of rhythm really is and how I approach it and work with it on guitar. From very simple stuff to advanced rhythms.

Guitar Lesson Two also deals with how I "strech" a basic harmony using the scales from lesson one.There is - in the end - a technical guitar etude that will challenge your alternate picking skills.  In the PDF file that comes with the video you will find sheetmusic + explanations on what I am doing in the video.           Please notice that the price is in Danish KR ( €47 )