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Learn KONNAKOL the southindian art of singing rhythms from the very beginning here. It is a langauge - easy to learn but a bit more tricky to really master without a method. This first video contains 2 basic training programs I have developed during my 20 years of worldwide workshops and masterclasses.

The two programs is all you need to get your konnakol technique right. They take you from basic level to a world full of complex rhythms. The idea and concept of KONNAKOL is universal. Practise rhythm like you practise scales! And if you want to get into indian rhythms there is no better way. You will not only develop a much better timing, get more focused and be able to hear new "colours". You will also improve your vocal-skills! This is the bestseller tutorial worldwide.

All the examples comes with sheetmusic.  Digital download only (PDF file & MPEG file) Please notice that the price is in Danish KR ( €47 )