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Learn the rhythm method Konnakol, the ancient South Indian musical language. Ideal for musicians, mindfulness enthusiasts and even meditation seekers. This video lesson on Konnakol will take you from the very basics to proficiency.

Konnakol is a captivating symphony of beats, voiced to create complex rhythms. Despite its simplicity to learn, it requires a structured methodology to truly master. Therefore, I present a comprehensive and immersive video lesson, the first in a series of three, equipped with two meticulously designed training programs borne out of over 30 years of global Konnakol workshops and masterclasses.

This video lesson is a compilation of the wisdom and expertise gathered from studying Konnakol a.o. under the guidance of legendary rhythm maestros such as Trilok Gurtu and Pete Lockett. The training programs will help sweep you into the rhythm of Konnakol, paving a deeper understanding of its intricacies while fine-tuning your technique.

Imagine the transformation you can achieve by practicing Konnakol for merely 30 minutes every day; amplified timing precision, enhanced listening capabilities to discern new 'colors' of sound and improved vocal skills. The download comes with illustrative examples supported by sheet music and graphic representations, making learning a lot more tangible and concise.

This digital offering includes MPEG video and PDF files. The price is listed in Danish KR, which is approximately €47.