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This music second method video will learn you more KONNAKOL - the South Indian art of singing rhythms. Stretching your basic skills from the first "LEARN KONNAKOL" video to the next level introducing half and double speed on some of the building blocks you allready know + a introduction to TIHAI´s and JATHI groupings. With more than 20 years experience doing konnakol workshops and masterclasses I have put a lot of reflections into creating these konnakol training programs to make shure that everybody can understand the concept. Following my training programs you will memorize the thihais and get introduced to this unique discipline of "rhythmic cadence". Its universal knowledge + its a great introduction to understand the rhythms of india. Konnakol has become a global trend. It is the "the new black" specially amungst leading drummers, all over the world. Nothing like it!  Digital download only (PDF file & MPEG video - 52 minutes)  

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