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Building upon the knowledge gathered from the first LEARN KONNAKOL video tutorial, this second installment navigates you throughout more complex rhythmic landscapes, unveiling unique musical techniques such as TIHAI's and JATHI calculations. Such powerful tools could help you crafting outstanding melodic rhythms and understand the complex structures in most konnakol performances.

While this tutorial is rooted in the teachings of the first LEARN KONNAKOL video, it soars higher, enriching the original two training programs with intricate ornamentations. 

Armed with the fundamental insights from LEARN KONNAKOL 1 + 2, you'd emerge with the knowledge and freedom to explore Konnakol in your own unique style, or align with the awesome South Indian tradition – the choice is entirely yours.

Every example in this video tutorial is elucidated in detail, accompanied by sheet music and vivid graphic displays to enrich your understanding. All materials are available for digital download only as PDF files and a 52-minute MPEG video.

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