500,00 kr

The two first "LEARN KONNAKOL" tutorials contain all of the knowledge you will need to get the basics of konnakol right. Working with the training programs should give you a new idea on how rhythm can be mastered. This third video is for those who want to learn two of my own konnakol compositions. “Pirates of the Konnakol "is pure Konnakol but “Dance of Fire” are Konnakol w. melody. Both pieces are ment for advanced level. You will need to master the basics of konnakol  to fully understand the structures involved. I will analyze both compositions bar by bar and give you the key to understand what happening.                                                        45 minutes video with sheetmusic + graphic displays                                            Only avaible as download MPEG + PDF

Notice price is Danish KR

Here is a version of both compositions with two of my students: