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KONNAKOL MUSIC  A journey into my world of Konnakol. This third video course - whisks you through two of my compositions; with in-depth analysis for each, bar by bar. Equipping you with the tools to decipher the intricate rhythmic structures that underpin these compositions. If you are a fan of my music this might be interesting for you.

The thrilling journey begins with "Pirates of the Konnakol", a vocal Konnakol composition: a "Corvai" with tricky transitions, rhythmic modulations, and elements you may identify from my earlier LEARN KONNAKOL videos.

The exploration continues with "Dance of Fire". This instrumental composition is stemmed from Konnakol roots and transitions beautifully into melody and harmony. I transform "Konnakol units" into a cascade of melodic lines, constructing an experience that reverberates with my customers and students' similar desires of turning Konnakol ideas into actual melodic compositions.

This personalized Konnakol lesson encapsulates my musical taste, with both compositions showcased in the YouTube videos detailed below. Crafted in ADI TALA, these compositions serve as exciting embodiments of how a conventional 4/4 beat can be transformed into an exotic experience with a dash of Konnakol know-how.

This product is available digitally, comprising MPEG + PDF files. Please note, the price is listed in Danish KR (approximately €67). 

Old recording of both tunes performed live by me and my students  :-)