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KONNAKOL MUSIC - This third video will learn you two of my konnakol compositions ("corvais"). “Pirates of the Konnakol" + “Dance of Fire”.          You will need to really master the basics of konnakol to fully grasp the structures involved in this music. However I will analyze both compositions - bar by bar - and give you a key to understand what is happening. It is 45 minutes video with sheetmusic + graphic displays. Both compositions are in 4/4 ("ADI tala") The first is a pure vocal composition (corvai). In the second composition I add notes to the konnakol so it turns into melody. This process of transforming konnakol into music can be usefull for many musicians.

This product is only available digital = download. (PDF + MPEG file)

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Old recording of both tunes performed live by me and my students  :-)