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The 3 first video tutorials covered the basic techniques of counting a tala and singing konnakol. All training programs, exercises and konnakol music - Inside the zone of the Carnatic music tradition!

LEARN KONNAKOL 4 is different and about "timekeeping" - And contains my presentation of a personal rhythmic vision. My idea + a concept that I've developed for many decades. Its all here

My goal is to master all levels of subdivisions, time signatures and polyrhythms: freely and without any effort! So, I began to dance polyrhythms based on my konnakol. And there is a system: My personal training program.  .                                

This unique educational content comprises several of my personal training programs set to embody rhythmic freedom across all subdivisions and time signatures – this is my key to achieving the goal. Everything here is done in 9 different speeds!

This video tackles subdivisions (from 2 per beat to 9 per beat) with a one-of-a-kind blend of konnakol and physical exercises, honing your timing, fostering new rhythmical awareness, and stimulating muscle memory.

Starting off, we conduct a thorough check of the subdivisions, ensuring it's impossible to make a mistake. Gradually, the difficulty escalates, exploring every potential polyrhythm systematically. 

LEARN KONNAKOL 4 also includes a concise program on restructuring konnakol subdivisions and also delves into "Nested Tuplets" - a technique inspired by the legendary Frank Zappa. Super imposing rhythms upon rhythms. With an example from his composition: "The Black Page #1" + some of my exercises in nesting. 

When you bring all these elements together, you have an unrivalled foundational course that holds its own with or without the first three LEARN KONNAKOL videos. There's simply no other methodology in the marketplace that offers this level of comprehensive rhythmic skills exploration. Empower your rhythmic journey with LEARN KONNAKOL 4 today! Your download contains a video file ( 60 min) MPEG + a PDF file with all exercises written as sheetmusic.  Please notice that the listed price is in danish kroner ( approximately 67 € ) 

A short video about the exercises