"Shortcut To Nirvana"

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Dive into the mesmerizing world of music with the book "SHORTCUT TO NIRVANA"  This collection of 3-in-1 books on south Indian music theory offers up a comprehensive guide to mastering "Konnakol", understanding "Raga", and age-old subcontinental musical traditions.

The South Indian music tradition is rich and contains 72 different scales and 175 unique time signatures — all based on the power of knowledge and your ability to count, sing and improvise rhythmically while keeping a "Tala", a profound and universal rhythmic tradition that a.o features "Konnakol", the world's most advanced technique for handling complex rhythms.

But this book is more than just an introduction to classical South Indian music. It's crafted in a universal spirit, with all scales and rhythms being 100% compatible with any Western style be it jazz, rock, or classical music. It's bound to inject new meaning into everything you already know about scales and rhythms.

Dive into Carnatic music, a true treasure trove filled with exotic musical ideas. 

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