"Shortcut To Nirvana"

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"Ear training karate meets quantum physics"
Bookset of 3 books in one PDF file /

Introduction to "Konnakol", "Raga" and a guide to Indian music theory ...
Besides being a unique musical "spice rack" with 72 different scales and 175 different time signatures, the South Indian music tradition is vocal based and it is all about being able to sing (and improvise) these scales and rhythms while counting the time signatures! "Tala" This is profound and universal!  The rhythmic theory and practice "Konnakol" is absolutely the world's most sophisticated techniques to handle complex rhythms. Singing rhythm as math in a natural way! The book is also a good introduction to classical Indian music for those who want to know more about the tradition and the theory involved. But the book is written in a more universal spirit : All scales and rhythms are 100 % compatible with any western style: jazz, rock and classical music. So it would give a new meaning to what you already know about scales and rhythms. Carnatic music is truly a musical treasure full of exotic ideas. (Only digital download / PDF file)

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