"Shortcut To Nirvana"

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"Eartraining karate meets quantum physics"
Bookset of 3 books / introduction to "Konnakol", "Raga" and Indian music theory ...

Besides being a unique musical "spice rack" with 72 new exotic scales and 175 different time signatures, the South Indian music tradition is vocalbased and it is all about being able to sing - and improvise - with these 72 scales and time signatures. It is deeply universal! And a really good workout that develops voice, ear and creativity.
The rhythmic theory / practice called "Konnakol" and it is absolutely the world's most sophisticated techniques to work with the rhythms and beats.
The books are a fine introduction to classical Indian music theory for those who want to know more about the tradition, but the books are written in a more universal spirit, as all scales and rhythms are compatible with jazz, rock and classical music. Carnatic (South Indian) music is a true musical treasure of creative ideas. (Digital download / PDF file)

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