Feedback from Miki Obradovic‎  26/03/2019

guitarlesson, learn konnakol -

Feedback from Miki Obradovic‎ 26/03/2019

I got the two guitar video lessons and the first Konnakol lesson. It has very quickly transformed my playing. I am surprised how applicable Konnakol is. I am impressed and grateful.

Examples of the transformation:

I never was aware of what setting accents can do. Before Konnakol I would always play a THA THA THA THA .. more or less, now I learned to play THA ke THA ke. or TA ki ta THA ki ta. or THA ke dhi me THA ke dhi me.

Second example. I never understood triplets before and they are a revelation. Knowing them allows me to play songs that I could never make work before.

The above already give me an arsenal of tools, rhythms that I can try on songs and I find that one of them works best, while before I more or less always tried the same thing and found that often it does not work.

But that is not all! I started applying the exercises to my finger picking and it truly is harmonizing my right hand technique, something I have been looking for so long. Example exercises:

Thumb plays E and or A string, the other fingers are on the higher 4 strings, each finger always staying on his/her string. Then: always moving down and up, one finger/strum at a time. And going through all the konnakol rhythms, very interesting patterns form. It truly is integrating both my little finger and also my thumb, harmonizing my hand position and motion/coordination. It is like waves of rhythm massaging my hand. A treat!

I am thoroughly digging your teaching - it is to the point - the heart of what matters - THANK YOU


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