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I got the two guitar video lessons and the first Konnakol lesson. It has very quickly transformed my playing. I am surprised how applicable Konnakol is. I am impressed and grateful. Examples of the transformation: I never was aware of what setting accents can do. Before Konnakol I would always play a THA THA THA THA .. more or less, now I learned to play THA ke THA ke. or TA ki ta THA ki ta. or THA ke dhi me THA ke dhi me. Second example. I never understood triplets before and they are a revelation. Knowing them allows...

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Looking for music inspiration? Maybe you need to look into Aarhus - Denmark?! home of my favorite (discovered from Youtube) musician & inspiration presently and for the past 7 years ... Music lovers of music/world-music ... please do yourselves a favour and buy some of Henrik s' recordings: "Indian Heartbeat," "Free" / His teachings of South Indian Konnakol rhythm methods: Beginning & Advanced Shortcut To Nirvana  The 2 - One-Hour - Guitar Lessons & Musicianship Videos: I personally bought these & more! These Books & Videos provide a constant stream of Inspiration (Inspiration is the key to happiness :)  Super-Worthy! ...

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I have been in showbiz for more than 30 years and this is a major turningpoint for me. From this day I have full control over my publications and that is such a great feeling. Hopefully that also means that I will launch new products more often and develope these f.ex in a dialog with my costumers. Music is all about relations to me - and this could be a new exiting cyber concept - so let me hear from you :)                          

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