"WTF variations" & "OMG variations" - solo guitar on a whole new level - CDs / sheetmusic & guitar tabulature

This project is all about improving my technique and playing skills on guitar.          Composing solo guitar music that I can play and study for a long time! 

"Way To Fly variations” is already released and available here in my webshop.                     "On My Guitar variations” will be released next summer - 2020.

Playing solo concerts is the ultimate task so I decided to challenge myself writing a complete repertoire! 12 compositions on "WTF variations" and 12 compositions on "OMG variations” - 24 compositions - almost two hours solo guitar. Every single variation must stand strong alone but also fit in my whole complete study of harmony, rhythm and melody. (and technique) Its my dream project because I also release WTF + OMG variations as sheet music + guitar tabulature so anybody can play this music note-by-note and know exactly where to place their fingers on the fretboard. Its impossible not to be inspired by this music if you love guitar and I dare to say that you will find lots of f.ex new harmonies that you cannot find anywhere on youtube or elsewhere - because I invented them!!! 




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